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Sharpen your management skills, conquer business leadership;

be the best that you can be

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FREE intro session

Your Intro Session may be wide-ranging to help work out what to pinpoint or alternatively it might simply zero in on a specific challenge or opportunity you already know you have.
It will be open and relaxed and we will agree the areas you want to focus on and discuss our initial steps or approach to get you moving.
I am certain that even if you spend only this time with me, you will find what we cover rewarding and helpful.  

management coaching

This program is suitable for new or frontline managers. Once we have embarked on your coaching plan, my job is to work with you via a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal growth and professional potential. We will probably focus on 2-3 areas in some depth or may target just one skill that you want to develop. Each session will build on the last and my job is not to tell you what to do, but it is to support your growth by helping you learn. Sessions won’t be intense or confronting, they will be open and positive and they will focus on the here and now rather than the past or distant future.

business coachinG

In these modules we focus on operational skills, scenarios and perspectives that will be of value for start-ups and scale-ups, as well as for owners and contributors to established businesses. For example, you may want support in developing an action plan in a specific area, or in improving your organisational skills, or as you scale, you may want to focus on setting up and managing through systems.    

executive mentoring

This program is suitable for executives and senior leaders and my role will be to coach, guide and calibrate with you via different mentoring styles. It will be a collaborative process and I will seek to shine a light on things for discussion and illumination rather than heat. I know how hard it is being an executive leader and sometimes you might just want to decompress and unload, whilst at other times you might have a specific dimension, opportunity or challenge you want to explore.          

T&C's:  Intro Sessions are for new clients only.  All coaching fees require advance payment in full (see FAQ for refund policies).  Cancellation or reschedule within 24 hrs of the booked session will void the session (session will be counted as taken, & in the case of an Intro Session will also void the session - a re-booked Intro Session will be charged at normal coaching rates.

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