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management coaching

It's a regrettable fact that many companies are less than thorough in their management coaching & training. 

Management Training Programs are often one-size-fits-all, and that often leaves new or even experienced managers with poor management development, high stress levels, and results that are not as good as they could be.

This program is ideally suited to new or frontline managers, however more experienced leaders may also benefit from a deep dive into some of these proposed topics.

In working together across these areas, we will focus on developing foundational capabilities and experiences that are critical for leaders everyday and which provide an essential building block to develop lasting and successful careers. 

The topics listed below are flexible and can be combined or tailored specifically to suit your needs. It is also possible to combine topics from the Executive or Business Coaching programs.  

The topics covered by the Management Coaching program can be broadly categorised into three themes - Operating skills, People skills and Interpersonal skills. 

Operating skills - topics:

  • Transitioning to being a first time manager

    • This topic is a general overview of how to make that difficult step, what to avoid and what to prioritise.​

  • Financials and business acumen

    • How to read a P&L and how to understand basic financials for your business​.

  • Risk management

    • Explores how to take calculated risks and how to accept and plan for risks in your business.​

  • Effective meetings

    • How to run and contribute to an effective meeting process and culture. ​

  • Operational strategy and planning

    • How to "plan your work and work your plan" individually and for your function​

  • Action orientation and accountability

    • How to seize opportunities and not be fearful of acting with minimum supervision.  ​

People skills - topics:

  • Staff management

    • This topic takes a broad view of how to manage multiple staff members including general rules of team management​.

  • Motivating others and how to get the best from your team and peers

    • Examines how to create a climate where people want to do their best, how to assess hot buttons, how to empower​.

  • Dealing with difficult personalities

    • Equips you to manage a difficult personality effectively, sensitively and strive for a win/win.  ​

  • Flexible leadership for different situations

    • Explores how to identify what leadership style to implement for different situations and support needs.​

Interpersonal skills - topics:

  • Time management and prioritising

    • This topic examines how to use your time effectively, identify urgent/important tasks and zero in on the critical few​.

  • Success psychology

    •  A broad view of developing and harnessing a positive, growth mindset.​

  • Job and business insecurity

    • Learning to deal with insecurity for your role or business is essential in managing through tough and uncertain times. ​

  • Resilience and coping with stress

    • This topic explores how to develop the 15 qualities of mentally tough people​.​​

Email support (brief question and answer approach) is available throughout the duration of the program.

Cost: $2000 inc gst

How many sessions included in the program:  10

How is the session run:  phone, zoom, teams or skype
(can be in person after Covid restrictions are lifted)

how far apart are sessions: fortnightly or monthly

T&C's:  Intro Sessions are for new clients only.  All coaching fees require advance payment in full (see FAQ for refund policies).  Cancellation or reschedule within 24 hrs of the booked session will void the session (session will be counted as taken, & in the case of an Intro Session will also void the session - a re-booked Intro Session will be charged at normal coaching rates.

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