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Your Intro Session

This initial session will focus wholly on you. What do you see as your strengths and areas for improvement? Is something holding you back? Is there a hurdle to career growth that you think you have? What brought you to this conversation in the first place?

We can discuss what things you can do to impact your development and results and where you may need to adjust focus.  We can also discuss specific issues you may be having and look at possible steps to take, including answering your questions about further coaching.

There won't be any need to prepare anything. All I ask is that you find a quiet place to chat and come to the conversation with a positive and goal oriented mindset, ready to chat and tell me a bit about yourself. 

Cost:  FREE

How long is the session:  45 minutes

How is the session run:  phone, zoom, teams or skype 
(can be in person after Covid restrictions are lifted)


"Simon was instrumental in guiding me through my start-up, as there were a lot of areas I was lacking knowledge in and needed assistance with.  He was incredibly patient and willing to dive into whatever process or task I was having troubles with.  Having access to his level experience enabled me to take a helicopter view of my business and operate at a more strategic level "

- S Theofanides, Melbourne

"I worked with Simon over the course of 6 months as I was struggling with managing a large team and my results were suffering.  It was brilliant to have someone who has worked at all levels of management as he was able to understand where I was at, yet still give me the benefit of having my own ‘CEO’ adviser and guide.  With his help I was able to navigate through various conflict situations in what was quite a tricky period of time.  One of the best benefits I think I got from working with Simon was an ability to look at situations creatively and problem solve much more confidently and effectively.  I’m grateful to have had the benefit of his coaching and will continue to work with Simon in the years ahead"

- F Leong, Sydney

T&C's:  Intro Sessions are for new clients only.  All coaching fees require advance payment in full (see FAQ for refund policies).  Cancellation or reschedule within 24 hrs of the booked session will void the session (session will be counted as taken, & in the case of an Intro Session will also void the session - a re-booked Intro Session will be charged at normal coaching rates.

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