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executive mentoring

This program is aimed at experienced leaders, managers of managers, business owners and executives.

The topics we will cover are aimed at supporting leaders in more complex situations to work in enterprise wide scenarios, break down silos and consider values as well as performance, They are also designed to be more strategic in nature and focus on competencies that enable managers to lead up and across and not simply down.   

We will consider such things as teaming with peers, longer term perspectives and typical areas for improvement and career stallers for senior leaders.   

I will draw on your experience and my own and also look at empirical research where needed. We won't get too bogged down in theory, we will aim for practical approaches but at times a little reading might help unlock or change the dynamic.  

The topics listed below are flexible and can be combined or tailored specifically to suit your needs. It is also possible to combine topics from the Management or Business Coaching programs. 

The program will be 10 sessions in duration, with discussions focusing on pre-agreed topics but each session is not so rigid that we cannot change course mid flight to explore other areas that would be beneficial to you.


  • Dealing with Ambiguity

    • This topic looks at how skilled leaders can effectively cope with change, risk or uncertainty and act decisively without all of the detail. ​

  • Creativity and Innovation

    • Explores the skill of generating unique ideas or connections between unrelated elements. It will help you be seen as value-adding in brainstorming and how to bring the ideas of others to the fore.  ​

  • Managing Through Systems and process management

    • Skills here include how to design processes that manage from a distance, rather than hands-on, whilst staying in touch with the appropriate detail.​

  • Vision and Purpose

    • Communicate a compelling, powerful vision that gains support across your business. How to rally others around a greater cause. ​

  • Comfort around higher management and boss relationships

    • How to deal with senior managers without tension or nervousness, how to talk the right language and take the right approach with your boss and more senior leaders. ​

  • Decision Quality

    • How to ensure there is rigour and consistency in your decision making

  • Learning on the fly and agility

    • How to learn quickly when facing new problems​, how to experiment, test and learn and analyse successes and failures and enjoy the challenge of what is unfamiliar. 

  • Problem solving

    • Use rigour to solve difficult problems and look beyond the obvious to arrive at a solution​.

  • Strategic agility

    • How to test and learn and demonstrate strategic agility to anticipate future circumstances. How to have a future focused perspective. ​

  • Managing diversity

    • We will discuss how to make allowances, accommodate and actively apply equal standards.     ​

  • Work/Life Balance

    • How to maintain appropriate work/life balance and ensure you aim for professional and personal harmony.  ​​

  • Standing alone

    • We will explore how to take the lead or champion and still be seen as a team player. ​


Email support (brief question and answer approach) is available throughout the duration of the program.

Cost: $3500 inc gst

How many sessions included in the program:  10

How is the session run:  phone, zoom, teams or skype
(can be in person after Covid restrictions are lifted)

how far apart are sessions: monthly or as agreed

T&C's:  Intro Sessions are for new clients only.  All coaching fees require advance payment in full (see FAQ for refund policies).  Cancellation or reschedule within 24 hrs of the booked session will void the session (session will be counted as taken, & in the case of an Intro Session will also void the session - a re-booked Intro Session will be charged at normal coaching rates.

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