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"At various stages of their career, I have helped many people better navigate the opportunities and challenges of work. ​I'm looking forward to working with you on all aspects of your career or your business to help with growth, strategy and profit."

Simon Wilkins
management & Business Coach

Management Coaching


After our initial session to discuss what you need, tailored coaching can include a focus on personal and interpersonal skills, operational and business strategy, or a combination of different elements.  Take a look at the topics I recommend but if there is something else you need to cover, I am sure I can help. 

Executive Coaching & MENTORING

After our initial session, you may decide that you want to deep dive into some of the topic areas I recommend in my program or you may want to explore others. 
After leading executive teams for many years, I enjoy working with senior managers to help them succeed in what I know can be  complex and challenging environments. 

About Me...


It's a regrettable fact that many companies are less than thorough with their management coaching. 

Management Training Programs are often one-size-fits-all, and that often leaves new or even experienced managers with poor management development, and results that are not as good as they could be.

Likewise, business owners often start off with a great idea and loads of enthusiasm, but no business training,   Over time this can be noticeably debilitating to the bottom line, as disengaged employees leave due to poor staff management, and owners fail to react to scaling opportunities or other operational needs.


I am a Sydney based Business Coach, with over 25 years experience at C-level management in Australia and around the world. I've consistently helped businesses succeed and have strong strategic, operational and interpersonal skills and keen commercial capability.  Looking back I know I could have shortcut a lot of difficulties with the right mentoring, coaching and career development and I've now dedicated myself to providing this resource to others.  I offer a wealth of practical knowledge that I have learned at the coal face, helping leaders and business thrive in good times and in also in times of job insecurity and risk to growth and profits.

I have worked with great guides throughout my career and I know that being supported by a dedicated business coach or mentor can help you take things to the next level. 



"Simon was instrumental in guiding me through my start-up, as there were a lot of areas I was lacking knowledge in and needed assistance with.  He was incredibly patient and willing to dive into whatever process or task I was having troubles with.  Having access to his level of experience enabled me to take a helicopter view of my business and operate at a more strategic level "

- S Theofanides, Melbourne

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Simon as my business coach. Simon is incredibly relatable and knowledgeable. He shares pearls of wisdom and insights that a depth of understanding of the working world and how you can best make it work for you. Simon helped me grow more holistically as a business professional not just a HR technical expert. I hugely valued his strategic advice, structured approach and authentic style. Simon knows how to give you clarity on your abilities and insight into how to leverage your strengths so that you can achieve success".

- P Davies, Sydney

"I worked with Simon over the course of 6 months as I was struggling with managing a large team and my results were suffering.  It was brilliant to have someone who has worked at all levels of management as he was able to understand where I was at, yet still give me the benefit of having my own ‘CEO’ adviser and guide.  With his help I was able to navigate through various conflict situations in what was quite a tricky period of time.  One of the best benefits I think I got from working with Simon was an ability to look at situations creatively and problem solve much more confidently and effectively.  I’m grateful to have had the benefit of his coaching and will continue to work with Simon in the years ahead"

- F Leong, Sydney

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